• Officially  Formed: 1985 [earlier people used to gather in the Church baby’s room and pray for one hour]
  • First Official Spiritual director: Late Rev Fr Eusebius Daveri.
  • Present Spiritual director:   Fr. Savari Muttu (Parish Priest- Abu Dhabi Cathedral)
  • Strength (varies year to year): Average 150 - 200
  • Frequency of Meetings: Weekly meetings on every Saturday from 8:PM to 9:30PM in Abu Dhabi Church Hall and Intercessory on Every Wednesdays at 8pm till 9pm at Babies Room
  • Group Structure:
    o  Core Team of 4 or 5 members, headed by an overall Group Coordinator reporting to the Spiritual Director.
    o  Various Ministries with varying number of members headed by a Ministry head and reporting to the Group leader
    o  Group leader & Ministry heads are elected by the discernment process by the  Spiritual Director every two years.
    o  Any member may join any ministry if he/she discerns he/she has the relevant Gift/Charism/Talent.
  • Aims & objectives:
    o  To Offer Spontaneous Praise, Thanksgiving, Intercession & Worship to God.
    o  To provide an avenue for a person:
    o  To grow in personal holiness
    o   To obtain & exercise Talents, Spiritual Gifts and Charisms to build up the Church
    o   To integrate and provide support to various Church ministries such as choir, catechesis, Service, etc
    o   To grow into a love filled community especially for those who are single or whose families are away.
  • Brief description of current ministries within the group are as follows:

    o   PRAISE AND WORSHIP MINISTRY: People who have the gift of praising God through their exaltation and songs, join together to operate this ministry.  They also prepare & operate the Overhead Projector. This ministry is responsible for Saturday Praise & Worship sessions.

    o   WORD SHARING ('TEACHING') MINISTRY:  People, who, from their heart, have the same desire & mission of Jesus to save souls by sharing their own personal experience & knowledge of Jesus with others, form this ministry. In short they are the "fishers of men" with a gift of explaining God’s word in an effective way and rooted in catholic teaching. This ministry is responsible for Word Sharing on Saturday meetings. Testimonies also come under this ministry.

    o   INTERCESSORY MINISTRY: People who are called to bear the burden to pray for the needs of the people & who shed tears for the pains of the people, join together on Wednesdays 8pm to express their love and duty for the people. All Petitions put in the Petition box every Saturday are collected and prayed for during their weekly meeting. This is the back bone of our prayer group and many miraculous answering of prayers take place. It has got many wings- Telephonic chain prayer (your urgent needs can be prayed for instantly), Fasting prayer chain (for important functions of the prayer group, church) etc. This ministry is also responsible for the prayer reflection held normally on the fourth Saturday which is kept as a Blessed Sacrament adoration day.  

    o   HEALING MINISTRY: People who have the gift of healing join together in this ministry. They pray for the Spiritual / Emotional / Physical healing of people after Saturday meetings and after Wednesday intercessory prayer.

    o   MUSIC MINISTRY:  People gifted with a melodious voice and/or a talent for playing any musical instrument are welcome into this group. They support the Praise & Worship Ministry with their songs on Saturdays and other functions of the Prayer.

    o   SERVICE / GROUND MINISTRY:  Simple and humble people show their love for God by cleaning the hall, arranging chairs, musical instruments till the end of the meeting on Saturdays and other functions of the Prayer Group.

    o   LITURGY MINISTRY:  People who arrange the Stage or Alter for the Prayer session, coordinate with the priest on days of Adoration etc form this ministry.

    o   LIBRARY (MEDIA & BOOK) MINISTRY: These take care of Spiritual Media (CD's, DVD's, Videos etc), Books, magazines during Saturday meetings.

    o   OUTREACH MINISTRY: The basic function is to reach out to Catholics who are staying in far off places and/or find it difficult to make it to our Saturday service. Those who are free on their weekly off or even after their office hours gather and meet people in various places and share Christ in deed and word. It also takes care in a small way for those in need. They also visit hospitals and sometimes prisons also.

    o   GREETING MINISTRY: This ministry greets, with a sweet smile, people entering or leaving after the prayer meetings making them feel as part of the family. They collect data for new members & also take up the responsibility of calling new comers and share our care with them. On your birthdays and Wedding Anniversaries, you can expect them to wish you first.

    o   TRANSPORT MINISTRY: This is for anyone who is willing to share his/her car to transport people back home after the Saturday service or those in need of transport or to coordinate for the existing transport arrangement.


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