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  The 10 Commandments, Two Great Commandments , The Beatitudes,


  The Precepts of the Church, Holy Days of Obligation, Days of Fast and abstinence, Cannon Law


   Gifts of the Spirit, Fruit of the Spirit, Virtues: Cardinal  / Theological, Spiritual & Corporal Works of Mercy


Mass: Parts of the Mass , Revisions to Roman Missal, Scripture References:1/ 2/ 3/ Real Presence


Catholic: Definitions, Encyclopedia, Saints


Catechism: Vatican,(Searchable), Compendium





Bible: NAB , NJB, RSV, Compare …..Daily reading: NJB, NAB


Prayers:  USCCB , Yenra, EWTN,


Media:    News: Vatican, EWTN, Zenith …. Radio: EWTN, Vatican….    TV: EWTN, EWTN (Kids),, EWTN, ,


Other Links:


1) Pope Francis' first Enclyclical -"Light of Faith"  ("Lumen Fidei") : Foreward ,  In English , In French, In Arabic

2) Pope Francis' : Message for the Celebration of 'World of Peace" - January 1st 2014



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