The Abu Dhabi Konkani Prayer Group (KPG) was established in February 2000 by 18 members of the Konkani community who envisaged the need for a prayer group in their mother tongue, Konkani.  The same was possible by kind permission of the then Parish Priest, Fr. Eugene Mattioli, under the guidance of Konkani Priest, Fr. Cyprian D’souza.  The group has successfully completed 13 faithful years and has begun its 13th year in 2013.  Nearly 300 members gather every Friday evening to praise and worship the Lord and to obtain abundant blessings from Almighty God.

KPG has experienced many wonderful and miraculous deeds of the Lord in the past 12 years, thus growing in faith and in number.  Fr. Solomon, Fr. Antony P.A., Fr. Thomas and Fr. Antony Lopez have given spiritual guidance to the group in the past and presently Fr. Valerian Fernandes is the Spiritual Director of KPG along with the staunch support of Parish Priest, Fr. Savarimuthu.

Once in two years, a Core Committee is selected to lead the group for a tenure of two years. The members of the Basic Service Team select eight members through secret ballot for the same.  In February 2013, a new Core Committee was formed under the supervision of its Spiritual Director, Fr. Valerian Fernandes.   Present committee consists of Rohan Correa (Co-ordinator), Flavia Crasta, Roshini Menezes, Robert Pinto, Anil Carvalho, Maria Fernandes, Felix Rebeiro and Francis Rego.

KPG takes an active part in all spiritual programmes of the parish and renders whole hearted support.  Our members make up a significant percentage in the Ushering Ministry, Communion Ministry, Choir, and Altar Servers’ Ministry.  Be it the Sunday’s Liturgical celebration, Christmas, Easter or Holy Week, their overwhelming support has been appreciated by the Parish Priest and parishioners time and over again.

KPG’s Intercessory Ministry meets every Tuesday to pray for the needs of others. Members have experienced miraculous blessings both physical and spiritual through their intercession.  KPG takes an active part to organize the Konkani Mass which is celebrated every third Friday of the month at 6.00 p.m. by Fr. Valerian Fernandes. Keeping up the tradition of Konkani faithful, KPG also celebrates the Feast of Nativity of Mary by sharing a meal with newly blessed corn.   KPG also assists KCO during the Feast of Nativity of Mary and Christmas celebration among Konkani community.  

KPG plays a major role in organizing the weeklong Annual Konkani Retreat in consultation with its Spiritual Director. This retreat is held at the end of November each year, ending on the feast of Saint Francis Xavier. KPG’s Food-stall and the Games-stall are one of the most popular during the annual Christmas Bazaar held each year.  It’s noteworthy to mention that KPG’s Games stall stood on top in terms of collections made in 2012.

In 2011, KPG held a tour to the Holy Land for its members, for the first time.  Above 40 members took part in the same and expressed their happiness as they had an opportunity to Praise & Worship and celebrate Holy Mass on each day of the tour of the holy land.

It is remarkable to note that KPG’s members make up 5 out of the 12 members of U.A.E.’s Central Service Team.  6 members of KPG participated in the training programme held by the Vicariate of Southern Arabia for the preachers and successfully attained certificates.   A Get-together of Basic Service team members of all the Konkani Prayer Groups of UAE was held at Jebel Ali in February, 2012.  KPG took important part in successfully organizing this event and the same was appreciated by one and all.

KPG firmly believes that the hand of God Almighty is active at work in its entire mission.  We faithfully strive to achieve the task of bringing the faithful people closer to God by the power of the Holy Spirit. We sincerely admit that this can be fulfilled by remaining faithful to our Holy Church and by working in union with other religious associations of our parish.

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