Barefoot Counselling

The Parish Barefoot Counselors are trained by Fr. Cajetan Menezes from Snehalaya Family Centre Mumbai from Nov. 2007 to 2009.

This trained group helps all groups and nationalities in the parish.

Purpose of Counselling:

It is to empower the individual to cope with life situations to reduce emotional stress, to engage in growth producing activity and to make effective decisions. Pastoral Counselling includes taking into account the person’s moral and faith dimensions. Persons of any age, from  any walk of life  and with almost any kind of problem can be helped to gain power over the adversities   and opportunities of their lives. The ultimate purpose of the counselor is to help the client achieve some kind of change that he or she will regard as satisfying. Counseling service is not a mere psychological and mental assistance to a brother or a sister in our parish community. We serve as a catalyst for family life and relationship. A happy and mature person contributes to the betterment of the community.

The following are the barefoot counselors of the parish

Name Community Language spoken
Mr Eugene Filipino English, Tagalog
Mr Cliston Indian English,malayaman, Hindi
Mr Subash Indian English, Tamil
Mr Valarian Indian English, Konkani
Miss Winnie Indian English, Konkani
Mrs Jacquline D’souza Indian English, Konkani
Mrs Smitha Indian English
Mrs Lydia Indian English, hindi, Konkani, marathi

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